Social Media Leadership Forum 2014
Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Panel Discussion


Gail Nott, Keynote Speaker

Social Media Leadership Forum 2014

Ready to grow your business in 2014?

Serious about incorporating social media as part of your marketing plan? 

Want to hear from successful entrepreneurs and business owners about strategies that have worked best to expand their influence and increase revenue?

Join us! 
Tuesday, January 28th
Laptop Lounge, Walnut Creek, CA

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You’ve got goals and you’re ready to up your game. You’re taking your business to the next level and you want to make solid, meaningful social media connections. 

Our mission is to use social media to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups prosper and thrive by inspiring creativity, innovation, and collaboration. 

Who is this event for? Social Media Managers and Strategistsmarketerssmall business ownersentrepreneurs, coachessolopreneurs, and speakers

Maybe you’re interested in social media but aren’t sure whether it’s the secret sauce or a waste of time. And there are so many platforms. Which one is the right one for your business? What are the secrets to doing it right? 

Join us for dinner and drinks, networking and an informative social media discussion that will expand your mind and grow your business. Learn proven strategies from the Leadership Panel with an opportunity for Q&A. Meet other dynamic Bay Area business leaders. Be among the first to hear about trends in Social Media for 2014. 

Sponsored by Cornerstone Creative and Bay Area Social Media Mastermind.

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You’ll learn: 

  • Which platforms(s) are right for your business
  • How much time and effort is needed to be successful
  • How you can drive real business
  • How to integrate your online and offline networking
  • What is the heartbeat of social media in the Bay Area 

Early registration: $65 until Monday, January 10
Regular price: $75 until Friday, January 24 
At the door if available: $85 


Gail Nott, Nott Ltd Solutions – Keynote Speaker

Gail combines her 17 years experience in web development, nine years in referral marketing and networking, and three years in social media to turn her clients’ business goals into actionable plans and marketing strategies that pay off.

She was a recipient of the Constant Contact All-Star Award for two years in a row for demonstrating best-practices in the effective use of email marketing, co-author of the book, Make Your Connections Count, and received her certification in Master SEO by the Search Engine Academy.

Carolyn Higgins, Fortune Marketing Company – Leadership Panel

With more than 17 years of marketing and advertising experience, Carolyn Higgins has created, analyzed, implemented, executed and automated marketing and advertising strategies for companies from local companies in Fairfield, CA and surrounding areas to large multinational corporations like Nestle, Intuit, TiVo, Delta Dental and Kaiser Permanente. Her diverse experience in marketing, sales, advertising, project management, print, fulfillment and customer service will benefit you as you work with Fortune Marketing Company to grow your business.

Alan Koenigsberg, Agile Search Marketing – Leadership Panel

Since 2004, Agile Search Marketing has been serving as one of the top search engine optimizationPay Per Click, and digital marketing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Agile Search Marketing offers your company everything you need to have a successful online presence. If you are a business owner with an out-of-date website or no website, social media marketing program, or search engine presence, you are rapidly losing business to your competitors. With Agile Search Marketing’s search engine optimization, social media optimization, content marketing, web development1 and web design services1, you can get a step ahead and grow visitors, leads and sales via your online business. For very large projects, we work with a large network of affiliates and can get the job done on-time and within budget.

Bill Davis, Internet Marketing Muscle – Leadership Panel

I show people how to do stuff on the internet, mostly in the internet marketing space. I cover the gamut from internet marketing, blogging, social media, content marketing, and WordPress. 

Cyndee Paulson-Heer, The Enchanted Woman – Leadership Panel

An Entrepreneur at heart, Cyndee “did her time” in the corporate world and learned early on that it was far too constrained for her revolutionary thinking. She has owned several successful businesses, both brick and mortar and home based, has run a successful home, and raised 3 children.

She is a lifelong learner. In 1990 she replaced television with books on tape, and reading, adding online courses to her repertoire, and a long list of seminars, workshops, certifications.

As a visionary leader (thinking about or planning the future with imagination, wisdom, and an idea of what the world can look like), Cyndee was studying and writing about many things, such as the law of attraction, the collective conscious, roundtable leadership, sustainable success, be the change you want to see in the world, start with  the end in mind, and business breakthroughs 15 years before they hit the mainstream.

She has blended her corporate background, entrepreneurial spirit, wide range of knowledge, experience, and cutting edge thinking to build The Enchanted Woman™, a business based on values such as: Authenticity, Triple Win Collaboration, Mutual Success, and Enchantment—a childlike wonderment, enthusiasm, and willingness to create and live life vision and volition.

The gift of life is precious, she maintains, and should be lived with vision and volition—(volition—the act of choosing and executing as though there is no backup plan) examined, and considered. We owe it to ourselves to self-actualize, and live as though our individual life matters, and it does even if only to a small circle of people.

Her highest value is the development of one’s personal character/soul. Cyndee believes we are born into Enchantment then socialized to live in a highly limited version of ourselves. While few people take the initiative, it is our individual responsibility to chip away all the programming that isn’t us so as to uncover our highest and best self.  In doing so, one becomes a virtuous leader who is able to provide guidance, direction, and inspiration to leverage others to cultivate their highest self.

Stephanie Shaterian, Storyteller – Leadership Panel

fLO specializes in helping small businesses and non-profits determine the social media/online content tools that are the most effective for their unique business and customer. They provide both high-level strategic planning and mechanical implementation of online content/social media marketing programs.

Alison Stripling, Cornerstone Creative – Host and Panel Moderator

Alison Stripling is a principal at Cornerstone Creative, a boutique consultancy that offers entrepreneurs and small business owners fresh online marketing and branding ideas, beautiful blog and graphic design, and practical social media and email marketing campaigns.

She is also a co-publisher of Inspiring Woman Magazine and organizes the Bay Area Social Media Mastermind meetup, which focuses on social platforms for busy entrepreneurs.


5:30pm   Registration and Networking
6:00pm   Catered Dinner – Abel Lopez of El Paisa Taco Truck


  Keynote Speaker, Gail Nott of Principal of Nott Ltd Solutions:

  Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2014:
  Jump Ahead of Your Competition by Leveraging
  What Works Now*
7:45pm   Leadership Forum:
  A Panel of Bay Area Leaders Sharing Winning 

  Social Media Strategies
8:45pm   Networking
9:30pm   Wrap

*Keynote Speaker, Gail Nott: Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2014: Jump Ahead of Your Competition by Leveraging What Works Now 

As social media matures, it’s no longer optional for businesses to implement, but a necessity to stay relevant in today’s economy.  How can you best leverage what’s new in social media, but not fall for untested hype? 

Gail Nott, Social Media Strategist with Nott Ltd Solutions, will present the top three social media trends that local businesses can leverage to jump ahead of their competition.   

  • Smartphones & In-the-Moment Social Media
  • We Can’t Ignore Google+ Any Longer
  • What’s Your Story? 

Only 50 tickets available. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn how to use social media to increase your business in 2014!