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Recently at a Savvy Women Connection event, I was talking with two wonderful women, Bettyanne Green and Cynthia Stott, about the power of social media. I had met Bettyanne before but we hadn’t spent much time together. The other connection, Cynthia, a new found friend. 

Our conversation about social media grew into storytelling when both ladies, beaming with excitement, boasted about a story of social media for social good.

After hearing these heart-warming stories, I couldn’t just keep them to myself. I JUST HAD TO SHARE!

So, I mentioned that I would love to take their stories and shout it from the mountain tops. I hear to often about how social media could be used in a negative way. But what about all the good it has done? 

Good people use money in good ways. Bad people use money in bad ways. It’s that simple.

So it is for social media…IMHO.

Because you’re still reading, I assume that you are interested in hearing more about the good…so without delay…here is Bettyanne Green’s touching story in her own words. 


Love your idea about sharing social media success stories! So here’s the story of my son’s Instagram experience:

My son is a French Pasty Chef who works at a hotel/restaurant in Chicago. He’s been in the business for almost 15 years and decided recently to create a brand to prepare to leave the restaurant biz and step onto a bigger, entrepreneurial stage. So to raise his brand visibility he created a very successful Instagram campaign which in less than a year earned him 10K followers (without a website and limited other social media presence)!

One day at work he was told that someone wanted to see him. He went out to the Pavilion where the hotel hosts a high tea (with his pastries of course).

He saw a young girl seated there and two adults who were obviously her parents. He greeted them, to learn that the 11-year-old Elizabeth was celebrating her birthday.

Her ONE wish was to come into Chicago, meet Chef Scott, and eat one of his pastries! Needless to say, she had been following him on Instagram for months. He sat down with them to answer her questions and talk pastry. The experience touched his heart and was special for all of them.

When we show up on social media – with intention, authenticity, consistency, value and heart as Chef Scott did – we can never know whose life we will touch and transform for the better. Is it a possibility that planted in young Elizabeth was the seed that could become a passion in her life and work? Yes! We can all offer that possibility to someone by sharing our gifts with the world via Internet. 

Follow Chef Scott on Instagram or on his blog.

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