Social Media Marketing

When done correctly, your social media marketing and your website should work together to bring in the traffic. However, many businesses try to increase their web traffic without the use of their social media accounts. Your social media marketing should focus on driving traffic to your website as well as increasing your brand awareness and visibility. Use these tips and tricks to use your social media marketing tactics to boost your web traffic.

  • Use internal links in your social media posts. Instead of finding links from other websites to make your point, create that content on your own blog. Then when you are creating a social media post, link your own blog post. When your readers click the link, they will be on your blog or webpage instead of someone else’s website.
  • Use promotional ads on social networking websites. If you have a Facebook page and you want to make sure that one of your posts gets seen by people that are not currently linked to your page, then consider promoting a post. Make sure that this post is a strong one that will catch the eye of readers and also that is links back to your website. This will grow your current Facebook audience as well as increase your web traffic.
  • Make sure all of your social media accounts are set up to include your landing page. Your social media traffic cannot convert to web traffic if you do not have links to your website. This does is not only important to your posts that have links back to your website, but also your overall set up of the social media account. Make sure you take some time with your social media management to ensure that all of your social media accounts have the right web address so that people who want to learn more can easily get to your website.
  • Make use of short and concise updates. The thing about social media is that many people do not want to spend a large amount of time reading a long post. Instead, create a short update and link for more information. People are usually briefly skimming posts on social media accounts and when they want to know more, they then click the link to continue reading. 
  • Focus on trying to capture the attention of your readers. Write social media posts that make them want to learn more about what you are putting out there. Spark their interest and they will click the link to your page and increase your web traffic. 
  • Create share worthy content. With social media marketing and social media management, it is not just about putting out a specific number of updates every day to meet a quota that you have decided on. What really matter is that the content you are putting out there is share worthy. When it is share worthy, your current followers will share the content with their friends which will increase your social media reach. The more you increase this, the more you will increase your web traffic. 
  • Know your social media account. Not all social media accounts are made the same. In fact, different platforms perform well with different kinds of posts. Facebook is great for sharing images. Google+ is ideal for videos. Twitter is great for short links, vines, videos, and easily seen posts. There is one thing all of these have in common though and that is that you are more likely to get more of a reaction from your followers if you use some kind of visual content instead of just text. 
  • Try to make your posts interactive. You can do this by posting quizzes or questions. You can even do this by sparking a discussion with your followers and actually keeping up with it. This is a very important part of social media management. There is more to having a social media account than posting updates. When you are more present on your social media accounts, the more success you will have with them which will turn into increased web traffic over the long run. 

It is important to understand that with social media, it takes time to build up a good following. Investing time and being consistent is the shortest path to increasing your web traffic.

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